Sunday, April 21, 2013

So, a while back Shelley and Marlene decided to do a wonderful swap called the  UN-BIRTHDAY  Party after a part of Alice in Wonderland.  The  swap paired me with the Sweet and Delightful Zia Parks!  We pm'd back and forth learning about each other and what we liked and what  we did not like!!! We had a lot of fun and we shared a lot of fun things about each other.  Like how Zia loves Blue and I quote..."I have never found a Blue I don't like!" One of the other things Zia really likes is Meat Loaf!  Zia told me if I could send her some meatloaf she would be my Sister Friend FOREVER!!!

So I made her a couple of Blue Bracelets and packed some coffee in different flavors.  Then I tried to find
some Meatloaf that would be ok packed and shipped.  Could I ... maybe I could...LOL  I could not find any meatloaf but I did find...Go check with Zia Parks.  She has the rest of that story. 

One of the things I told Zia about me is that I am a freak about crystals and agates!!  What does that Wonderful woman send???LOL Crystal and Agates!!! I tried taking better pictures.  Really I did, but I could not capture the brilliance of the crystals or the great opaque quality of the smokey agates!!! I really love it!  So now I have a wonderful set of a bracelet and necklace!  Hope everybody is have fun hopping with all of our wonderful people here!!! Have a Blessed Week!!  And once again I am so sorry it took me so long to post!!!