Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi everybody!!! This post is for the Hoarder's Blog Hop set up by the Wonderful Lori McDaniel Anderson!!!
When she posted this I just rolled my eyes at me and said this is one I need to enter cause I have TONS of Hoarded beads!!! The "I will do this one later", the "what was I thinking", the "OMG [hand over eyes]", LOL.
So I went through all of my beads and this box and that box and on and on and on...and finally decided on this set of beads and things.

I apologize for the pictures but I am still using my phone...Blah!!! This Necklace is full of charms and jaspers and crystals and mother of pearl.  These are things I use all the time, but
I put them together with chain I assembled with repurposed  links from 2 different chains and ribbons form a repurposed necklace.

The center piece, even though it is not in the center is a beautiful Jasper that I got at a bead show a couple of years ago!!! These I don't want to let go of because they are my Favorites!!!

The rest of these pictures are of all of the components and how it looks over all!!! I had a wonderful time doing this and got a great necklace out of it!! One that I would wear and hate to sell [I probably will sell it but...]  Hope you have fun Blog Hopping!  Thank you so much for Hopping by!!! Have a great and Blessed Day!!!

Jaspers and M.O.P and Bronzy metal charms.

Hand Painted word charm, the jasper and some charms

Closeup of the smaller jaspers.