Saturday, December 7, 2013

I got it done!!! I got it done!!! This little design has been running around in my head for days and days!

I did not know what color to use and I had not figured out a style but the...hmmmm you know if you slide the sari silk [I think I am addicted LOL] in thru here and knot here and then...well it worked out pretty well.

I wanted something funky and smart, worthy of the great Bracelet Bar from BluMudd!!!

I don't usually use just one color of metal findings and I didn't here either.  I love the melding of colors and the richness of them all together.  I really had fun with this challenge.  I have to thank Lisa for letting me Play!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First off I need to apologize, I have not been on my blog in several weeks.  Life has decided to get really complicated in a hurry and I could not carve out the time to be here!!!  That being said, I really wanted to show you my idea of Fall, October and all that it means to me!!!

I uploaded some pictures to the Bead Soup Cafe site and I am going to try to import those.  The Pictures are of a necklace that I created with my most favorite type of bead.  Jaspers.  It has some beautiful variations of browns and greens with cream and rust.  All the colors of a Northern Indiana fall!!!  I added some  crystals in an opaque color of lime green. I had some rectangle rusty agates and some round rusty agates and...LOL

I also used the leaf half of one of my favorite clasps in copper and an owl [I am really hooked on those] and a Dragonfly too.
Everything that means fall to me is in this necklace, the colors, the mix and mingle of late summer to nearly winter color and feel.  The fall of the leave and the late summer dragonfly and the fall Owls, this is what I see when i see and feel October!!!
I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Halloween and a wonderful work week coming up!  Be Blessed!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi everybody!!! This post is for the Hoarder's Blog Hop set up by the Wonderful Lori McDaniel Anderson!!!
When she posted this I just rolled my eyes at me and said this is one I need to enter cause I have TONS of Hoarded beads!!! The "I will do this one later", the "what was I thinking", the "OMG [hand over eyes]", LOL.
So I went through all of my beads and this box and that box and on and on and on...and finally decided on this set of beads and things.

I apologize for the pictures but I am still using my phone...Blah!!! This Necklace is full of charms and jaspers and crystals and mother of pearl.  These are things I use all the time, but
I put them together with chain I assembled with repurposed  links from 2 different chains and ribbons form a repurposed necklace.

The center piece, even though it is not in the center is a beautiful Jasper that I got at a bead show a couple of years ago!!! These I don't want to let go of because they are my Favorites!!!

The rest of these pictures are of all of the components and how it looks over all!!! I had a wonderful time doing this and got a great necklace out of it!! One that I would wear and hate to sell [I probably will sell it but...]  Hope you have fun Blog Hopping!  Thank you so much for Hopping by!!! Have a great and Blessed Day!!!

Jaspers and M.O.P and Bronzy metal charms.

Hand Painted word charm, the jasper and some charms

Closeup of the smaller jaspers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I got a message on facebook yesterday from the Wonderful Rita of Toltec Jewels.  She wanted to know if I still wanted to post for the Summer Elements Blog Hop that I had signed up for a few weeks ago!  I messaged her back that I had completely forgotten about it and that I did not know if I could get anything done for it because I had to work the next 5 days straight... She Messaged me back saying to take my time and that if I wanted to post she would help... She is such a sweet sweet lady!!!  So I am thinking about all of the pieces I had made and all of the beads I have to use and I just STOP!!!  Yesterday the Outstanding Sondra Jackson sent me a package for the person to person swap we have going with a different group!!!
Guess what she sends me??? That's right... Summer Beach Hut colors!!! I was soo excited when I got the package that I just started designing!! Now remember, this was nearly 10:30 at night after a busy 12hr. shift and here I am just flying through the designs!!! LOL  I was that INSPIRED!!! So here are the pictures of the last design I made!  It is my favorite!  Lucite flower petals and crystals[of course] and sea colored mop and then I added a key and a pretty butterfly and some sweet silver leaves!  It just flew together!! They don't normally!
So Yes I will post and I really want to Thank Rita and Sondra because getting this posted made me figure things out.  How to get the pictures from my phone to the blog, how to download an app for my phone how to not tear out what little hair I have!!!LOL
 All in all this was just entirely too much Fun!!! Thanks again!!!  The next thing I need to learn it how to get you all to the rest of the bloggers.  Maybe next time???  Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Monday Morning to all of my wonderful beady friends!!! We had a really good show this weekend and, though we worked hard it was a lot of fun!!!  I have pictures posted on my regular facebook page  with our set up and the jewelry we had.  A lot of that is gone now!!! Yeah!!!  We talked to  lots of people got a lot of pieces created and just had so much fun!!!
Our next show is June 7-9 and is a really great music festival that is outside.  We have a good tent and I really hope that the weather is good!!
I will be posting the pictures of our set up either tonight or tomorrow night.  It will depend on my energy level after a 13hr day today.  This is not a high stress or labor intensive job but after that long anyone would be tired then I have to drive nearly 3/4 of an hour to get home.  So we will just see how it goes!!!  Remember you are all well Loved!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi everybody!!!  Did any of you bet o the race???Anybody win???  I had a really great day at the show in the Mall where I work!  We go back tomorrow and hope to do even better!!
I went back over the pictures that were posted for this and could not think of a thing until we got to unusual components!!!  There, I thought I will do that one!!! 
One of my favorite unusual components that I use sometimes  is buttons.  I thought this one should be the bright and unusual colors  so I used yellow and pink!  I had just bought some really pretty yellow/black ceramic round beads!!!
 Once I had that all strung I wanted to add a little Pow, a little whimsy, if you will, so I add the flowers in bright colors to compliment the beads and buttons.
 Hope everybody had a lot of fun with this, I know that I did.
Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Friday Morning to all of my friends and beady companions!!! I feel great today...Yes I did write it on the calendar!!! LOL!!!  My next craft show is tomorrow and Sunday in the mall where I work in Elkhart, In.
I will be taking pictures so that you can see the set up and how we work but basically I just stopped by to say HI!!  I am really stoked about the show.  We are here for more than 12hrs on Saturday. I come in really early and set up then the mall is open until 9.  In that time my daughter and I might make 15 pieces or more depending on how busy we are.  We do resizing while they wait and custom designs as well!!! Sunday then we will be here from about 10-6 then break down and go home!!!
We have done this show the last 3 years for the spring show and the last 5 yrs for the fall show!!!
We always do really well here! This is where we hope to pick up a little capital to buy more beads to make more jewelry to sell more jewelry to buy more beads to make more jewelry to sell....LOL  I will try to post pictures tomorrow night late. Let me know what you think.  Have a Blessed day!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

So, a while back Shelley and Marlene decided to do a wonderful swap called the  UN-BIRTHDAY  Party after a part of Alice in Wonderland.  The  swap paired me with the Sweet and Delightful Zia Parks!  We pm'd back and forth learning about each other and what we liked and what  we did not like!!! We had a lot of fun and we shared a lot of fun things about each other.  Like how Zia loves Blue and I quote..."I have never found a Blue I don't like!" One of the other things Zia really likes is Meat Loaf!  Zia told me if I could send her some meatloaf she would be my Sister Friend FOREVER!!!

So I made her a couple of Blue Bracelets and packed some coffee in different flavors.  Then I tried to find
some Meatloaf that would be ok packed and shipped.  Could I ... maybe I could...LOL  I could not find any meatloaf but I did find...Go check with Zia Parks.  She has the rest of that story. 

One of the things I told Zia about me is that I am a freak about crystals and agates!!  What does that Wonderful woman send???LOL Crystal and Agates!!! I tried taking better pictures.  Really I did, but I could not capture the brilliance of the crystals or the great opaque quality of the smokey agates!!! I really love it!  So now I have a wonderful set of a bracelet and necklace!  Hope everybody is have fun hopping with all of our wonderful people here!!! Have a Blessed Week!!  And once again I am so sorry it took me so long to post!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

This is my very first Bead Soup Blog Party!!! I am soooo excited!!! I sent Rana Wilson [] some fun beads and she worked wonders with what I sent her!  I really love her designs!!! She sent me some incredible beads to work with and I pondered and ooo'd and awwww'd and stared lovingly and pondered and slowly a design started to take shape in my head!!! I t had to show the clasp and the focal to the best advantage, they are seriously cool!! and I had always thought these beads had a sunrise at sea vibe going.  so I tried to work with that theme.  Let me show you what I did!
Here is the wonderful soup I got to work with!!  There were netted beads and super duo's and czech fired glass and crystals...mmmm...crystals, I love crystals!!!LOL

This is the second piece I made, Dangley bracelets and such, are the types of things I really love to do.
These beads and colors lent themselves beautifully to this bracelet.  I coiled some seafoam blue wire to cover a bronzy wire I used for the cuff.  Then I added all of the really cool beads.  Most of the beads on here are the beads that Rana gave me.  I wanted to use as much of that luscious soup as I could!
 Pretty crystals and the really cool beads that Rana made.
A closer picture of some of the elements that made up this fun bracelet.
 This is the last piece that I made with the soup. I had all of the smaller beads left so I made "Sea at Sunrise" wrap bracelet.  Can't you just see the colors cresting over the sea as the sun comes up???

Here is the first piece I made with this wonderful soup. I could not get the picture to go upright sorry!
You can see the wonderful Sandollar and the super duo beads and some of the crystals.  I used all the larger bead caps, I really love the copper with these colors. I think it adds depth!

For the necklace itself I used a piece of sand colored leather a length of dark copper chain and a piece of seafoam blue sari silk to make the chain and foundation for the rest of the beads.
This is the focal and the clasp they are attached.  That way all of the emphasis is in the front and the chain is just a quiet backdrop!!!
 I used one of the leaves I embossed to add texture and a larger dangle for movement.  I love the netted beads and super duo beads next to the leaf!

This is how it goes together when the clasp is used.
I can't Thank Lori enough for all of her hard work and for letting me join this wonderful experience.  I want to thank Rana of Ranalea Designs for all the encouragement and the wonderful beads and just the opportunity to create!!!  Hope you all like these pieces!  I can't wait to see what you have to say!  Have A Blessed Day!
Here is the link to the Bead Soup Blog Party.
These are just 2 of the bunches of photos I took of the wonderful soup Rana Wilson sent me.  I love the "sunrise at Sea" colors and all of the beads were a blast to work with!  I won't tell you about my designs yet, but I know Rana has her's posted so you can go over to here blog and check it out!  I will be back late tonight to finish!!!
Have fun visiting all the blogs and have a Blessed Day
Rana's blog is!!! Enjoy!