Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Friday Morning to all of my friends and beady companions!!! I feel great today...Yes I did write it on the calendar!!! LOL!!!  My next craft show is tomorrow and Sunday in the mall where I work in Elkhart, In.
I will be taking pictures so that you can see the set up and how we work but basically I just stopped by to say HI!!  I am really stoked about the show.  We are here for more than 12hrs on Saturday. I come in really early and set up then the mall is open until 9.  In that time my daughter and I might make 15 pieces or more depending on how busy we are.  We do resizing while they wait and custom designs as well!!! Sunday then we will be here from about 10-6 then break down and go home!!!
We have done this show the last 3 years for the spring show and the last 5 yrs for the fall show!!!
We always do really well here! This is where we hope to pick up a little capital to buy more beads to make more jewelry to sell more jewelry to buy more beads to make more jewelry to sell....LOL  I will try to post pictures tomorrow night late. Let me know what you think.  Have a Blessed day!!!


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    1. Thank You so much Kristen! I really appreciate it. i get so excited about these shows!!! I really love to design! i will have pictures up late tomorrow night and a new blog to go with them! Hope you will stop by! Have a Blessed day!

  2. Praying for Favor and abundance in sales and future customers!


    1. Hey you wonderful Friend you!!!!! How are you!!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!! How is everything going??? I will have pictures tomorrow night. Really hope you will stop by!!! Have a Blessed Day!!! Love Hugs and Prayers right back at you!!!