Friday, April 6, 2018

Hi Everybody!!!  Welcome to the Bead Peeps, Swap N Hop!
My FABULOUS Partner, Natalie Davidson from New Zealand, sent me all of the wonderful beads you see here!  She also sent me some chocolate bars...mmmmm those are all gone!
I also got this Wonderful towel that has a map of New Zealand on it and lots of information!  I think I am going to frame it!!!

I have several pieces done but I have lots of goodies left to use!  I can't wait to show you!

I usually do very complicated  designs when I make jewelry!!!

Not today!!!  I used a lot of the beautiful beads and components that Natalie sent me to make simple designs highlighting the components and beads instead of the design itself.
This Necklace is made of the beautiful beads and charms that I got from Natalie.

This is a close up of the focal and the charms.

 This bracelet is one of mine that I wire wrapped for interest and then added the Butterfly  [from Natalie] that I painted and sealed and then all of the charms, most of which are from Natalie.

 This is the most simple design of all.  I just wanted it to be fresh and totally uncluttered. All of these charms and the bracelet are from Natalie.
A better view.

 This is the last piece I have done. I am really an Owl freak!! I Love them!!  I distressed this one a bit, curved it a bit, and sealed it then added chain and all the fun charms.  It is asymmetrical in that the clasp is on the side by the owl instead of on the back.  

Hope you Love all of the designs!  Don't forget to check out all of the designers!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hi Everybody, let me introduce myself!!  I am Robin Kae Reed, 1/2 of the duo that is ARTISTRYHCBD!!! [Melody Stanton is my partner in crime]
This year we are working on our Brand and how it is perceived by our clientele!  We are a Mother/Daughter team that creates OOAK designs with you in mind!  We have always wanted our Jewelry to Speak to you!   Like the bracelet above that says Choose Joy, or the bracelet that says be overjoyed.  It isn't always a focal saying tag.  a lot of the time it is in the charms we use that say Believe or Joy, or Love...

We create a wide variety of designs, each one different and unique.  We use  beads and materials from all over the world.  Crystals from Austria and China. Pressed glass from The Czech Republic. Jaspers and agates and amazonite

 We create custom too. A Design made for that special outfit or occasion.
Our Dream is that you will find our Jewelry irresistible and will want to order from us.
 We accept Paypal only.  Currently we ship throughout the Lower 48 states and Alaska.  Other areas are possible so just ask.

We are at our heart creators of wearable art