Saturday, March 25, 2017


  First let me say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO LORI MCDANIEL ANDERSON!!! This is her baby.  I am so excited to be doing one this year!!!  SO HATS OFF TO LORI!!!
 The Beads to the left are the wonderful beads that Sandi James sent me!!!  I still have lots of beads left to play with but I concentrated on the Hoarded bead first!  That bead is the Peacock bead!!!
The Peacock bead screams Art Deco and Quality and timeless Elegance.  That is the design elements I wanted to bring to the Peacock Bead. Sandi and I have similar taste in beads and she sent the perfect foil for the Peacock bead.
I wanted to keep the necklace simple but elegant andI wanted to show off it's Elegance.  I used the bead as the focal of  a drop/tassel like design.  The Necklace itself is made with the catticorner drilled red adventurine [ that picks up feathers in the tail], iris colored crystals from my stash and the lime green and dark grey fresh water pearls to pick up the rest of the colors in the focal.   To enhance the art deco feel I used genuine metal buttons in an Art Deco motif, and the bottom of the tassel is an embossed head pin that has coordinating dangles.  There are two more buttons near the back of the necklace to tie it all together.  I really hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I did making it!  I want to give a shout out to SANDI JAMES, SHE IS GOING THROUGH THE AFTERMATH OF A SERIOUS SURGERY AND SHE TOOK THE TIME AND THE CARE TO SEND ME BEAUTIFUL BEADS TO WORK WITH!!!
 OK, here is the link to Lori's Blog and her wonderful designs and also the names and links of all of the other designers!!!  Have Fun!!  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICTURES!…/welcome-to-bead-soup-blog…

Thursday, January 26, 2017


I am a stringer, except when I am using Sari Silk, or when I am embossing metal, or when I am stamping...LOL  Confused yet?  I do OOAK designs with beads from all over the world.  I LOVE Jasper and Agate and rough cut natural stones.  I swoon over crystals and Lampwork beads.
I actually "See" completed projects in my head before I start on them.  Sometimes the ideas wake me up at 3am!!! LOL
I can't do seed bead projects but I do use some of the larger ones and E beads for spacers in multi strand projects.
I am learning riveting and love it and there is so much more I want to learn.

And lastly here are some pics of my designs! Hope this helps you understand who I am and what I do better.!!!  Have a Blessed Day!!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Getting ready for the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

Hi Bead Peeps!!!
Are you as excited as I am about the new Swap and Hop???
I have done a couple of these and they are such a blast to do!!!
This year I am making my own artisan component so I am both really Excited and kind of nervous!!!
Any how I am ready to get going , are you???
Be Blessed!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi Everybody, Welcome to my newest blog!  I changed all the colors and the set up with the pictures and all of that.  Hopefully it is easier to read and more fun to look at.  Let me know what you think!!!

HAVE YOU BEEN TO RE-WYRD YET???  The first set of pictures are from Re-/Wyrd!!!  It is a Wellness Center up on CR17 and St Rd 120. It is catty-cornered  and across the street from the McDonalds right there.  Pretty little red brick building!!!

I met Shana Pittman on-line and we met in person at a craft show. Shana creates her own essential oil blends and candles with essential oils as well.  The shop smells Heavenly!!! 

Here are some of the candlesRe-Wyrd has a Reiki Master in Bernadette Wargo Klemm and Shana is a second level practioner.

 As most of you know I suffer from bad headaches on a nearly daily basis and I refuse to take pain killers. I take Tylenol if it gets too bad...just to take the edge off!!!  

Shana makes a  Migraine Relief essential oil blend that seriously works on my headaches.  It makes it much easier to cope when the pain is down to a manageable level!!!

Hopefully you can come see her soon!!You can leave with her products and without your pain, or allergies, etc...
And while you are there you can shop our ARTISTRY HANDCRAFTED BEAD DESIGNS.  We are right there in the main room!!!

 We are soooo Honored to have been invited to have our one of a kind jewelry there at Re-Wryd!!!
Our jewelry is designed to give a good feeling.  A positive vibe that is evident in our speaking tags and in the natural and semi- precious stones that are in a great number of our designs.
Each one of our designs are created here with stones from all over the world.
 Our natural stones range from a wide variety of Jaspers and Agates to dyed Howlite and Magnasite.

We have natural Amethyst and Banded Agate, Black Agate and Rose Quartz.  Several of our designs have Hematite in them as well.

 We are happy to adjust, larger smaller etc...  We also custom design.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Our fondest hope is that you will come to Re-Wyrd and find Comfort, and Relaxation, and Relief.

And on your way out pick up some ESSENTIAL OIL CANDLES AND LOTION to extend your great feelings and some              ONE OF A KIND HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

 OMG, It is finally here!!!  The final reveal of all the Wonderful and Fun and Fabulous and Unusual and Pretty and...and...and!!!  Well I  am sure you have the idea!!!  The Very Talented Kristina Hahn Eleniak     [ of Peacock and Lime   fame]    is my Wonderful  Partner!!!  We talked about our likes and dislikes and about our styles and found that we were really Really REALLY a lot alike!!!  LOL  We love the same kinds of stones and have similar tastes in color and style so finding a nice selection of beads and bobs was really pretty easy!!!  LOL  I just bought for me!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                        This Blog is really more pictures than anything else.  Each piece has elements of what Kristina sent me.  In some it is the focal or the largest amount of the design.  In others it has more of a supporting role with added sparkle or color.  

This piece the Fairy is the Focal

 In this piece is the base of the bracelet and most of the color as well

In this piece it is the base [in the leather cord] and the color in the window beads and all of the sparkle too

In this piece it is the Brilliant Teal Sparkle

This one has a softer sparkle that is the Czech fired beads Kristina sent me

This one it is everything but the thread!  Isn't that owl Adorable??? 

As you can see I have a lot of pieces left and a lot of fun left to have!!!   I can't Thank Kristina enough for all of the Fabulous beads and such that she sent me!  AND  most of them have sold!!!  So thanks again Kristina!!! 

 This is what I sent Kristina after we talked a bit! 
 If you look closely you will see several similarities!  
We opened them and then I texted her and was laughing at what we had sent each other.  

Blanks and gears and lots of fun color!! 
 This has been a Blast and I have made a new Friend.

Thank you soooo much Linda Anderson and Bead Peeps!!!  

This is one of my FAVORITE SWAPS!!!

Please scroll down some there are more pictures!!!

Linda Anderson- Hostess -
Palak (aka Pallavi Asher) Krafty Max