Sunday, August 3, 2014

CHOOSY CHICKS CHOOSE CHICKLETS.  Say that fast a few times LOL!!!  This is the second Blog Hop I had this weekend!  Sorry I am so late but I made this first bracelet last night and was pretty happy with it.

Let me tell you where I was in my head last night!  I had an evil headache, I was coming off my 3rd 12 hour shift in a row and I was determined I was going to do this!!!  LOL So I pick a knotted waxed linen bracelet!!! LOL  what was I thinking...
Anyhow it was nice and simple and I liked it so I took the pics and uploaded them and went to start the post!

Then I am like ummmm I want something different.  this is not me!  It is very nice but... so then I did this one and it has crystal...mmmmm crystal!!!

I went to finish it off this morning and DANG IT half of it is upside down!!! LOL  So I had to  finish it tonight!
So it is done and I like this one too for entirely different reasons.  I really hope you like them both!!  Challenges are supposed to push you out of your comfort zone.  This one did and I really liked working with the chicklet! they are made by Sue Beads!  Thank you so much Toltec Jewels!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

 Welcome to my first Haberdashery Hop!!! Isn't Haberdashery a cool word? i just looked it up [I thought it meant hat store, scarves, gloves etc...] I was not correct! LOL  It is a store or place with small items sewing needs and buttons.
So When the Wonderful Melissa Trudinger proposed a haberdashery hop with lace and button and other sundries [love that word too] I was all in!!!

I had just bought the felt flowers you see here and I really love them!!! The colors are much more crisp in person! The base on this is a narrow leather bracelet with holes along both sides. Once I figured out the overall design, I used very thin copper colored wire to hold the layers of flowers and the button together, then used it to attach it to the bracelet. Then I built on that.  I am thinking at this point I am done!  UMMMMM, not so much!!! the right side was bare and you just know the bracelet would roll on the wrist [some thing I really hate!!!] So I mumbled and fussed and finally thought to add some charms over the the flowers I added and used 2 strands of waxed linen thread [another notion from the haberdashery lol] to attach that.

 I finished that end, trimmed and then attached the bar for the clasp. And "good it is done" ...UMMMMM...not quite.
You guys know I love Love LOVE Dangles...LOL so I just had to add a ...few...
I used the waxed linen again And it worked great!!!
I hope everybody has fun with this hop and I hope you have a Blessed Day!!!
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