Saturday, October 25, 2014

Leaves fall fall fall softly,
curls of color fall fall fall,
rushed along by the brisk
breath of Autumn,
Crunching under foot,
leaves fall fall fall,
generous bright colors,
leaves fall fall fall,
stretching reaching branches,
no vivid colors for cover,
rattle like skeletons in a
brilliantly colored bone yard.
rattling there waiting waiting,
till their winter robes of white,
fall fall fall gently softly
on the stretching branches.

I love is my favorite time!  I love the look, the smells the brilliant vivid colors!!! They say "stop and smell the roses"  I say Stop and Smell the FALL!!!

Love and Blessings to All!!!
I love participating in the fun and challenging Blog Hops of Toltec Jewels!!! Many thanks and lots of love to you Rita!!! Hope you enjoy your hop everybody!!!