Monday, June 17, 2013

I got a message on facebook yesterday from the Wonderful Rita of Toltec Jewels.  She wanted to know if I still wanted to post for the Summer Elements Blog Hop that I had signed up for a few weeks ago!  I messaged her back that I had completely forgotten about it and that I did not know if I could get anything done for it because I had to work the next 5 days straight... She Messaged me back saying to take my time and that if I wanted to post she would help... She is such a sweet sweet lady!!!  So I am thinking about all of the pieces I had made and all of the beads I have to use and I just STOP!!!  Yesterday the Outstanding Sondra Jackson sent me a package for the person to person swap we have going with a different group!!!
Guess what she sends me??? That's right... Summer Beach Hut colors!!! I was soo excited when I got the package that I just started designing!! Now remember, this was nearly 10:30 at night after a busy 12hr. shift and here I am just flying through the designs!!! LOL  I was that INSPIRED!!! So here are the pictures of the last design I made!  It is my favorite!  Lucite flower petals and crystals[of course] and sea colored mop and then I added a key and a pretty butterfly and some sweet silver leaves!  It just flew together!! They don't normally!
So Yes I will post and I really want to Thank Rita and Sondra because getting this posted made me figure things out.  How to get the pictures from my phone to the blog, how to download an app for my phone how to not tear out what little hair I have!!!LOL
 All in all this was just entirely too much Fun!!! Thanks again!!!  The next thing I need to learn it how to get you all to the rest of the bloggers.  Maybe next time???  Have a Blessed Day!