Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi EVERYBODY!!! I finally got some pictures taken!!! Yeah!!! I felt like I had lost my creative spark this last week or so.  I have to tell you, when you make your living  do this and you really love what you do, that can be seriously scary!!!  I feel a lot better now that I got a few pieces done!  Let me know what you think.  The first 3 pictures are magnasite and glass beads.  Kind of heave but pretty and summery!

 The next few pictures are of different bracelets.  This first one is a leaf based charm bracelet that has a dragonfly, an angle , a lock, and crystals.  This is very comfortable to wear.

 A double horseshoe bracelet has a moon and sun charm and various crystals.

Bright and Pretty

 One of my favorite type of bracelet to make!  This has glass beads, gears, keys, locks, and hinges!

Delicate and vintage with crystals.

 These next few pictures are of my entry for The Year of Jewelry Project, week 4, Not from the Mall!  This is made of crystals all the way through.
It has a really cool clasp and a wonderful center piece.  Hope everybody has a really great week!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hi everybody, don't forget that the newest Bead Soup Blog Hop Sign ups are next weekend!!! .  check it out here!!!
Most of you know that I now have a blog, am on the bead soup fb page and met lots of wonderful people.... All because of LORI MCDANIEL ANDERSON!!!! 
I asked her about the last Bead Soup and I was too late.  This time I am not!!!! I can't wait !
Hope everybody is having a Blessed Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi everybody!!! Hope your week is going very well and hope you have a Blessed weekend!!
This first necklace is my entry for this week's Year of Jewelry Project.  This week the theme is Music!  So I would like to introduce you to The Blues!!! LOL!  I love music, It has the power to make you happy or sad, energetic, or relaxed.  It can empower you and make you feel helpless!!!  I really love music!  Please leave a comment on this necklace if you want.  I love the comments! The beads in this necklace come mostly from the new strands from the Jesse James Beads!!!  Some of them are very retro and some of the crystals are just amazing!
 I made this necklace tonight and I made the pink wrap bracelet that is all crystal [well almost all] and the simple peachy colored bracelet!  I really had a lot of fun!  I have another project on m y table right now.  I am trying to learn chain maille!  So right now I have a bracelet that is about 2/3rds done!  It is going together ok but it is very time consuming!

Double strand memory wire crystal bracelet.

Retro beads from the Jesse James bead company!
Always remember you are all  in my heart and in my prayers.  Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

 The first 7 pictures are different views of the bracelet I made for Year of Jewelry Project, week 2 called "Grace"!  I am having a great time with this Project.  Week three is "Music"  I have not had a chance to get started on this yet.  Stay tuned, I hope to make a wonderful piece!  We will see!
 I have had read some wonderful blogs for the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop!  The Jewelry is amazing and the Tributes and special Thanks are tearful and sweet and loving!
  The rest of the pictures are some of the new pieces we are making right now!  I will add to this tomorrow! Let me know what you think!  Have a Wonderful Week!
This bracelet is a 3 strand with bronzy [is that a word? It is now...LOL] links and a 5 strand bar at either end.  I used lots of crystals [ I am a crystal freak!!!] and a few charms to create a warm "graceful" feel.
There are 2 angels on this bracelet at opposite ends just to keep you company!

This bracelet is very dangle-y!!!!  Mostly copper colors with a silver toned owl and crystals [again LOL]  This one is not heavy but very fun to wear!

The Bracelet above is in rich purples and the crystal is black and the faceting on the crystal makes it look like a flower!  I love Celtic beads and just had to throw some in this!
This bracelet is very simple and elegant. Crystals in clear and silver and snow with a large frosted glass bead in the center.

You can see the faceting on this better in this picture above!
Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!