Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Morning ALL!!!  I did not get a chance to add to the blog from Saturday night/Sunday here is the rest of it!  I got the ok to join the Year of Jewelry Project  on Saturday.  I worked until 9:15ish, warmed up the car, and then drove home!  I got home about 10:30 and said Hi to my hubby, kiss kiss, then went straight to my table and started to put a bracelet together!  I had decided on the drive home what type of jewelry piece I was going to create.
I got out the pieces and started to put it together,  I knew the "feel" I wanted, the movement, the texture...
I knew what I wanted others to feel when they saw all I had to do was put it together so that I got what I wanted...LOL!!!
So I attached, shifted, unattached, reattached,shifted... wow!!! Added my "speaking charms" and thought...ewww, I don't like those colors, so while it was still attached I repainted them using the "ranger" alcohol inks.  Then I am like...ok...hmm...OK!
I took my pictures and uploaded them at about 11:45 Phew!!! that was a little close for me!
One of the comments I received asked about the mediums I used.
I found Tim Holtz paints last year sometime before we got too involved with the craft shows.  Not sure what I had seen that made me want to try them but they are really fun to use!!  I use them in a very limited fashion if you go by the tutorials on them but what I do works for me!!
When I work with charms like the "speaking tags" I like to use the applicator system he has.  It makes the process faster and is easy and fun.
Hope you enjoy this piece, I am working on the Idea for the next Year of Jewelry entry.
While I was thinking of jewelry I remembered I had 2 deadlines coming up!
I started and finished my Memories and Thanks jewelry piece and I am working on Ideas for the Inspiration Challenge from Sandy McGriff!  Both of those deadlines are Jan. 12th!

Hope everybody has a great and Blessed week!
Always remember you are all in my heart and in my prayers.  Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!


  1. Sorry Gloria!!! LOL I thought they just kept showing up in line. Anyhow if you hit blog archive it will be yesterdays blog!!! LOL, I don't know if I will ever get used to this LOLOL!