Monday, January 14, 2013

 The first 7 pictures are different views of the bracelet I made for Year of Jewelry Project, week 2 called "Grace"!  I am having a great time with this Project.  Week three is "Music"  I have not had a chance to get started on this yet.  Stay tuned, I hope to make a wonderful piece!  We will see!
 I have had read some wonderful blogs for the Memories and Thanks Blog Hop!  The Jewelry is amazing and the Tributes and special Thanks are tearful and sweet and loving!
  The rest of the pictures are some of the new pieces we are making right now!  I will add to this tomorrow! Let me know what you think!  Have a Wonderful Week!
This bracelet is a 3 strand with bronzy [is that a word? It is now...LOL] links and a 5 strand bar at either end.  I used lots of crystals [ I am a crystal freak!!!] and a few charms to create a warm "graceful" feel.
There are 2 angels on this bracelet at opposite ends just to keep you company!

This bracelet is very dangle-y!!!!  Mostly copper colors with a silver toned owl and crystals [again LOL]  This one is not heavy but very fun to wear!

The Bracelet above is in rich purples and the crystal is black and the faceting on the crystal makes it look like a flower!  I love Celtic beads and just had to throw some in this!
This bracelet is very simple and elegant. Crystals in clear and silver and snow with a large frosted glass bead in the center.

You can see the faceting on this better in this picture above!
Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

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