Sunday, October 27, 2013

First off I need to apologize, I have not been on my blog in several weeks.  Life has decided to get really complicated in a hurry and I could not carve out the time to be here!!!  That being said, I really wanted to show you my idea of Fall, October and all that it means to me!!!

I uploaded some pictures to the Bead Soup Cafe site and I am going to try to import those.  The Pictures are of a necklace that I created with my most favorite type of bead.  Jaspers.  It has some beautiful variations of browns and greens with cream and rust.  All the colors of a Northern Indiana fall!!!  I added some  crystals in an opaque color of lime green. I had some rectangle rusty agates and some round rusty agates and...LOL

I also used the leaf half of one of my favorite clasps in copper and an owl [I am really hooked on those] and a Dragonfly too.
Everything that means fall to me is in this necklace, the colors, the mix and mingle of late summer to nearly winter color and feel.  The fall of the leave and the late summer dragonfly and the fall Owls, this is what I see when i see and feel October!!!
I hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Halloween and a wonderful work week coming up!  Be Blessed!