Monday, March 31, 2014

 Good Monday Evening to all of you!!!
This last Saturday was the first show of the
year for Artistry Handcrafted Bead Designs!!!

We had a BLAST!!!!, we also had a really good show!
We made some changes to our show set up this
year and i am blogging about it cause we just love the way it looks and we are really excited!!!

We decided that we needed just a bit more color, our base color is black.  Our business card color right now is green and white, with a Celtic design border.
So we decided to add green as our accent color...LOL

I went SHOPPING!!! I found 2 really cool
plaques that I could use on our new to us rack [it is]  We have a bit of a theme going with our props, I guess.  Mostly they are...wait for it...BLACK!!! LOL

 This 2 tier metal basket is what we put all of our
wrap bracelets in.
We got a couple of those cool books that open and don't have anything in them!  We had a blast with those.
 This is our Statement bracelet rack, it works really well for us.
Here is a really good example of how we used the book!  Looks great and in the end is sold well too, we sold 2 bracelets off of this book and one off of the other book.

 We use those Victorian looking ladies heads to
show some of our statement necklaces. The head is sitting on  a wrought iron looking pedestal that we this size and a smaller one.

Here is our Iron Lady, she shows
our more linear necklaces and bracelets.  She gets lots of comments and admiration.

 Here are a couple of the heads together and a hand as well.
 Some of our bracelets
 This is my partner in crime, my daughter Melody!
We work at every show, and we talk to people all the time and do lots of custom while they wait.

 Here is the color we went  with for contrast.  Really love the way it says Spring!!!

On this one you can see the candle holder [sconce] that we set on it's side and used for a bracelet rack.

The one below is a side view of our whole booth!
Bracelet stand and some of our different bracelets.

A different view. 

 I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Let me know what you think!!! Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, March 17, 2014 []  Rain Hannah's wonderful blog shows some of her amazing jewelry designs.  I got my "8th Bead Soup Blog Party" soup from Rainy today!!!  And it is amazing!!!

Browse thru my pictures, read the blog from earlier today and you get a sweet and talented picture of Rain Hannah!
 Pretty boxes with cool flowers. Great color scheme.

 So we have waxed linen [?] cord in slate and ivory,
vintage Sari Silk, luscious color and feel. Amozonite and chalcedony , tiger eye and handcrafted blown glass head pins!
The Fairytale tile from Rainy herself. The clasp in soft tealy blue/green is from Heather Powers, Humblebeads. Also in this picture are yellow opal and the czech glass flowers and the turquoise rondelles.
In this pic you also have the delicate and sweet white flowers and just behind them the golden coin pearls.
 In this pic I have my favorite stone...Agate!!! and then next to it is the wonderful lampwork [blown glass?] 2 handled urn. This is so amazing to me, it is closed with a cork and has 3-4 matching beads in glass that go with it.

 I think it is quite the haul and I can see being very busy with ideas!!! thanks again Rain Hannah!!!

Good Morning to you all...or should I say Top o' the mornin' to ya! Happy Sait Patricks day to all of my beady friends and all who will become my friends as well!!!
I am sitting here writing this...waiting for my photos to load...waiting...waiting...LOL
Any how let me introduce you to my new friend Rain Hannah, she is beautiful, sweet and very very very talented!  Her site is!  She does these amazing tiles out of bamboo with fairytale patterns on them!!! i was so hoping she would send me one or a dozen!!! LOL J.K.While i am working on this I am sitting here chowing down on the amazing choclate bar from Trader Joe's that she sent me! MMMMMM that and some coffee...MMMMM...LOL.

So while I am waiting I am going to tell what Rainy sent me and who made them and then I will have the pics! Ok [hey Rainy correct me if I get this wrong will you I took everything out of the bags]...LOL. From Havana beads, by Raida Disbron, I got 3 beautiful handcrafted [blown?] headpins. From Humblebeads, by Heather Powers, I got a fabulous turquoisey/tealy and copper clasp. From Julie Miller Glass, I got a seriously cool 2 handled urn of blown glass with a stopper and some really sweet smaller glass beads.  I got 3 beautiful enameled copper dangles from CKoop Beads. And then [Iknow right...bunches of fun goodies] from Too Aquarius Beads by Elaine Robitaille I got to lovely white flowers.  And then...and THEN I GOT A FAIRYTALE TILE FROM RAINY!!! thes are so seriously cool!!! I really love them.

Now you might think i am done right...mmm not so much!  on top of all of the really wonderful goodies from Great artists I got...are you ready...yellow opal,agate,amazonite,chalcedony,vintage sari silk,tiger eye,pearls,czech glass, and turquoise!!! Whew!!!  This amazing haul is going to be swirling in my head for just a bit, i already have ideas, heck I think my ideas have ideas...and isn't that the sign of a MASTERCRAFTED SOUP???  Thank you Thank you Thank you Rain Hannah for the boot to the butt to have me work with components I have never even seen let alone worked with!  Blessing to you all!  I will go ahead and publish this and then when I get the pics on here I will add!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

I am really really REALLY STOKED!!!  I just got my partner of the 8th Bead Soup Blog party!!!  Her name is Rain Hannah!!  She creates the coolest jewelry pieces, really unusual and special designs! I can't wait to get to know her better! ! have a couple of soups simmering right now and i think all of the parts and pieces...ummm ingredients... just got to my house!!!  So when I get home I will be sorting thru and stirring and tasting to get just the right flavor for Rain!!!  If I can figure it out I will try a little teaser in the next day or two!  Stay tuned Soup is on the simmer and beads are gonna fly...ummm...swim...float...something!!! LOL  Rain's website is  Check it out!