Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Morning to you all...or should I say Top o' the mornin' to ya! Happy Sait Patricks day to all of my beady friends and all who will become my friends as well!!!
I am sitting here writing this...waiting for my photos to load...waiting...waiting...LOL
Any how let me introduce you to my new friend Rain Hannah, she is beautiful, sweet and very very very talented!  Her site is!  She does these amazing tiles out of bamboo with fairytale patterns on them!!! i was so hoping she would send me one or a dozen!!! LOL J.K.While i am working on this I am sitting here chowing down on the amazing choclate bar from Trader Joe's that she sent me! MMMMMM that and some coffee...MMMMM...LOL.

So while I am waiting I am going to tell what Rainy sent me and who made them and then I will have the pics! Ok [hey Rainy correct me if I get this wrong will you I took everything out of the bags]...LOL. From Havana beads, by Raida Disbron, I got 3 beautiful handcrafted [blown?] headpins. From Humblebeads, by Heather Powers, I got a fabulous turquoisey/tealy and copper clasp. From Julie Miller Glass, I got a seriously cool 2 handled urn of blown glass with a stopper and some really sweet smaller glass beads.  I got 3 beautiful enameled copper dangles from CKoop Beads. And then [Iknow right...bunches of fun goodies] from Too Aquarius Beads by Elaine Robitaille I got to lovely white flowers.  And then...and THEN I GOT A FAIRYTALE TILE FROM RAINY!!! thes are so seriously cool!!! I really love them.

Now you might think i am done right...mmm not so much!  on top of all of the really wonderful goodies from Great artists I got...are you ready...yellow opal,agate,amazonite,chalcedony,vintage sari silk,tiger eye,pearls,czech glass, and turquoise!!! Whew!!!  This amazing haul is going to be swirling in my head for just a bit, i already have ideas, heck I think my ideas have ideas...and isn't that the sign of a MASTERCRAFTED SOUP???  Thank you Thank you Thank you Rain Hannah for the boot to the butt to have me work with components I have never even seen let alone worked with!  Blessing to you all!  I will go ahead and publish this and then when I get the pics on here I will add!


  1. Robin, I am so happy you like your soup! I'm glad you find it challenging but also creatively stimulating. :-D I can't WAIT to see what you create with it. Those are all my very favorite bead artists and I'm thrilled that you like them. I hope I sent you enough for several pieces and maybe a little bit that'll keep on giving. I'm still playing with the remnants of my soup from last year. ;-D

  2. I can't wait to get to it!! I am going to have to wait a little bit cause I have a show in just a few days. Then I will start on it! I have never had so many artists to work with it is really cool and exciting!!! There is so much there that i will be able to create for quite awhile!!! LOL Thank you again. Have a Blessed Day!!!