Monday, March 31, 2014

 Good Monday Evening to all of you!!!
This last Saturday was the first show of the
year for Artistry Handcrafted Bead Designs!!!

We had a BLAST!!!!, we also had a really good show!
We made some changes to our show set up this
year and i am blogging about it cause we just love the way it looks and we are really excited!!!

We decided that we needed just a bit more color, our base color is black.  Our business card color right now is green and white, with a Celtic design border.
So we decided to add green as our accent color...LOL

I went SHOPPING!!! I found 2 really cool
plaques that I could use on our new to us rack [it is]  We have a bit of a theme going with our props, I guess.  Mostly they are...wait for it...BLACK!!! LOL

 This 2 tier metal basket is what we put all of our
wrap bracelets in.
We got a couple of those cool books that open and don't have anything in them!  We had a blast with those.
 This is our Statement bracelet rack, it works really well for us.
Here is a really good example of how we used the book!  Looks great and in the end is sold well too, we sold 2 bracelets off of this book and one off of the other book.

 We use those Victorian looking ladies heads to
show some of our statement necklaces. The head is sitting on  a wrought iron looking pedestal that we this size and a smaller one.

Here is our Iron Lady, she shows
our more linear necklaces and bracelets.  She gets lots of comments and admiration.

 Here are a couple of the heads together and a hand as well.
 Some of our bracelets
 This is my partner in crime, my daughter Melody!
We work at every show, and we talk to people all the time and do lots of custom while they wait.

 Here is the color we went  with for contrast.  Really love the way it says Spring!!!

On this one you can see the candle holder [sconce] that we set on it's side and used for a bracelet rack.

The one below is a side view of our whole booth!
Bracelet stand and some of our different bracelets.

A different view. 

 I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  Let me know what you think!!! Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. I think it looks great! You and your daughter have some super creative ways of showing your jewelry -- the candle sideways is inspired! Everything looks great together, and I can see why you had a good show! Very nice :)