Monday, December 8, 2014

Welcome to the Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop!!!  I am a Bead Hoarder!
Not exactly like others you will meet in this hop but a hoarder none the less!!!
A lot of the Amazing Beaders whose blogs you will read will have beads they don't bead with or keep because inspiration has not struck or they are very precious!
I am a bead hoarder because when I get on a roll designing fun beady projects, I don't stop to do something as "organized" as putting the beads away before starting on another project!!! LOL  So if you think about it, here I am beading away, bracelet after ring after earrings after necklace, never putting the other beads away...
Got that picture in your head...something resembling a small mountain range or a volcano erupting!!! LOL  You would be soooooo RIGHT!!!
So how do you find room?  Where do you make the next project when you are swimming in beads on your table...I found A solution [not necessarily the right solution but...]
What is a Christmas Box? all of those wonderful beads that are rolling around with all of the other wonderful beads get...wait for it...dumped in...YOU GUESSED IT...1 storage box!!, or cardboard box or glad bag or...
I call it a Christmas box because every time you open it, it is like Christmas, you never know what you will find.
I took pictures of my Christmas box that I will design out of this time...yes Friends, I do have more than
So I made a couple of pieces out of the box I am showing you.  It is really fun and hey when you are done you don't have to sort the beads anymore!!!
 So I sifted through all of the beads in the box, turned the box over and sifted through all of those beads too!  I found several beads of a couple of different kinds so I started working out the designs!
You can see some of the beads I worked with in these pictures.  I am sure you will recognize them in just a minute!

 My first design is a double stranded necklace with acrylic patterned beads and ceramic beads I got in a destash..see I was helping someone else with their hoarded beads too!!! LOL.
I wanted something striking but not seriously time consuming as I was already a couple of days late!!!
So Of course I had to throw in some crystal and a couple of pretty alloy charms just to make it a bit more snazzy.  Simple doesn't have to mean boring.!!
So there are a couple of other pictures of this necklace.  The blue and the silver and the crystals in green all come together nicely!

Then i went to work on the other beads I found that I wanted to work with!  They are red ceramic patterned beads and a larger not quite as red acrylic bead.  I used memory wire on this one!  The ceramic beads give it some weight and the acrylic make it so that it is not uncomfortably heavy.Here are a couple of different pictures of this design as well!  I really hope you had as much fun with my Christmas box as I did.
Don't forget to go to Lori McDaniel Anderson's  blog for a list of all the wonderful beady hoarders!   Have a Blessed Day!!!