Sunday, April 6, 2014

 Happy Dream Bead Blog Hop to everybody!!! When I got this bead I was like ...Wow that is really Pretty!!! Whatever am I  going to make with this beautiful bead??? I set it where I could see it and went on my merry!
Yesterday when I remembered it was this blog hop that was due I started thinking about my dreams.  What were/are they, where am I?  The answers were actually Right There, just waiting for me to ask I guess!

I purposely did not make a beautiful necklace or inspired bracelet.  It would have been easy, the bead is really that beautiful.  I made a dangle of crystal and the bead for my car. I spend a good chunk of my day in my car everyday!!! I Think a lot when I am driving...don't you?

It occurred to me that my dreams what I really really REALLY want is like this dangle...pretty little bits of glass and a beautiful bead.

Good ideas and fun thoughts and a great goal.  There is however movement!!!
Just like these crystal without direct light.  Pretty and fun but no Spark and No Movement!!

My Dreams are very simple.  I want to bead and bead well for the rest of my life.  I want my beads to pay me and my bills [mmmm not so simple]

Then when you turn a corner and the light hits the crystal...BAMMMMM there is your SPARK and YOUR MOVEMENT!!!

So today I turned a corner!!! Toltec Jewels thank you so much for lighting that SPARK with this Dream Bead Blog Hop!!!  
 My dreams are pretty and doable and lots of fun.
And everytime I turn a corner when I drive I will see that sparkle I will feel that SPARK!!!  The movement will be my getting the ball rolling for the on line store I have been talking about [pretty bits of crystal] for more than a year! Get the store open [SPARK and MOVEMENT]!
Hope everybody Feels that Spark! Enjoy the Hop!  Thanks for the visit and let me know what you think!!!  Have a Blessed Day!