Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi everybody!!!  Did any of you bet o the race???Anybody win???  I had a really great day at the show in the Mall where I work!  We go back tomorrow and hope to do even better!!
I went back over the pictures that were posted for this and could not think of a thing until we got to unusual components!!!  There, I thought I will do that one!!! 
One of my favorite unusual components that I use sometimes  is buttons.  I thought this one should be the bright and unusual colors  so I used yellow and pink!  I had just bought some really pretty yellow/black ceramic round beads!!!
 Once I had that all strung I wanted to add a little Pow, a little whimsy, if you will, so I add the flowers in bright colors to compliment the beads and buttons.
 Hope everybody had a lot of fun with this, I know that I did.
Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend!


  1. this bracelet is so sweet with the colors you used and the buttons :-)

  2. Thank you so much Christine!!! I love buttons and this was the only "unconventional medium" that I had handy to work with! Glad you like it! Have a Wonderful and Blessed week!!!