Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Everybody, Welcome to my very first blog!
I am in equal measure, thrilled and terrified!  I have never done anything like this.
Please forgive any missteps and misspellings.  I will try to keep them at a minimum.

Here is a little history about us.
The HCBD in our name means Hand Crafted Bead Designs.  That is really long to type, so for here it is just the initials.
Artistry HCBD is the brain child of my daughter, Melody, and I.  We have been creating beaded jewelry designs for just a few years.
We are very ....umm...unusual?.... people.  As such, we create odd, asymmetric, unusual bead designs.
I will try to get some pictures on here just as soon as I can.
Melody likes to do wire wrapping and she is experimenting with that. We have just started playing with polymer clay, that is our newest baby.
I really like to work with chain and saying tags and crystals  I love crystals!

I am hoping that this blog will be fun and funny for everybody.

Thanks for coming to see me and have a BLESSED DAY! 

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