Friday, January 16, 2015


Welcome to my Build a Line Blog!!! Today's post is just letting you know who I am and a test to make sure all of the links work!
My name is Robin Kae Reed and I am a stringer...LOL  I string beautiful stones and crystals and lucite and fiber and metal and make necklaces and bracelets, earrings and more. My partner in crime is my lovely daughter Melody.
I have been working with stones and the like for about 7 years.  My company, Artistry, is gathering a following but it is very slow. I have a full time [50-60 hr. a week] job and then this as well and I also am Blessed to have a wonderful 12yr. old grandson that loves to spend time with his nana!
This Build a Line Challenge is , I think, just the kick in the but that I need to get me more focused and motivated to really advance my business.

Hope you will follow me here with all of the blogs and the pictures we will show and the final reveal in March.  the 1st blog hop is just a week away and I am getting geared up to make a couple of "teaser" pictures just to get you excited [I hope] for more.
Have a Blessed day.

Here are the rest of the wonderful designer/artists in the Build a Line Challenge
The first hop is one week from today, January 23, 2015!   BE SURE TO JOIN US!
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Robin Reed
Ingrid Anderson
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