Saturday, December 15, 2012

Right about now, all of us in most of the US. if not the World, are very sad and heart sick.  Any tragedy can create a stir of sympathy, any natural disaster can create a wave of prayers for comfort.  With this unthinkable act of violence against the Heart of our Nation, our Sweet, Innocent, Children,LET US RAISE A TSUNAMI OF PRAYERS, HOPE, SYMPATHY, COMFORT, AND MORE PRAYERS, the likes of which we have not ever seen!!!
Extend every hand, lift up every heart, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, for the comfort and the hearts of the families that have lost their sweetest hearts, their brightest lights.
At this Wonderful Season of Hope and Love, please keep these families in your heart along with your family.  Keep them in your thoughts when you shop and when you rest.  It will take the combined efforts of our nation to help heal the pain and grief of these families.
I Vow to Pray for them Daily!!! Will you join me?
Always remember you are All in my heart and in my Prayers!!! Love you All, and GOD BLESS!!!


  1. Have been and will continue to be for many years to come. This tragic event is not one that should ever be forgotten. Pray even when you are hugging your children or grandchildren for the pour souls who won't be able to ever again.