Sunday, December 30, 2012

These wonderful beads are from Valerie Norton, my Christmas Gift Exchange Partner!  I was really lucky to get Valerie as my partner.  She made the beautiful  wired tree, and the lovely lampwork bead.  She also added some beautiful beads from India!!!  I also got a "fortune cookie" soap! and it is sooo cool!Check it all out in these pictures!  Some of them are not very good but some are ok!
 It is now Sunday at 10:22 pm. I am on my way to bed and I am sitting here thinking just how BLESSED I am!!! Just a couple of months ago, I did not have a blog, Did not know the Amazing Lori McDaniel Anderson,  the Talented Jami Shipp,, the Wonderful Marlene Cupo, the Generous Valerie Noton, the Lovely Gloria Allen, the Super Smart Sandra McGriff, and dozens and dozens of Wonderful, Sweet, and Comforting people! 
 I have learned just how talented all of these people are.  I have learned how Kind and Supportive they can all be when someone is down or gets bad news, or feels awful!  I have been astounded by how many people will just accept that prayers are needed even if they are not asked for and offer them with smiles!!!
People joke with each other, and accept knew people like they were always there!  I am simply Amazed!!!
 In a matter of just a couple of months, I have joined an Inspirational Challenge, hosted an Inspirational challenge with a destash box from me as the 1st prize [I had never heard of a destash box before this] and am now getting ready to enter another challenge with the Super Smart Sandra McGriff as the Host and the 2 Blog Hops by the Amazing Lori McDaniel Anderson.  I am happier, more motivated and most of all more convinced that I really can make my business work and work well!!!
 So Thank You to all of my new Friends and here is to a BLESSED AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR FOR US ALL!!!
 Always remember you are all in my heart and in my prayers!  Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!


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  1. A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your gratitude -- it's contagious and I feel so grateful for all the wonderful friends I have too and in awe of our beautiful jewelry community also! I'll return to your uplifting post whenever I feel down. Thank you!