Wednesday, March 6, 2013

 In January, I met this really great lady by the name of  Joann Hayssen!  She is an East Coast Angel who works with horses and loves lampwork beads, coffee and chocolate!  We are practically best friends now!!! Coffee and chocolate...yummm!  We exchaged belated Christmas gifts and all of the goodies you see are what she sent me!!!

The 2 bags in this one are [were lol] chocolates from a lady who makes here own in Andover, where Joann lives.  Joann said that the lady had been making chocolates for awhile and everybody loved them and then the store that carried the chocolates went out of business!  The Chocolate lady was devastated as were all of the people addicted to her wonderful chocolates.  They told her to open her own store and she did and I have to say they were really right to tell her to because they are wonderful chocolates. Then we have the spices!  The smell of this one is heavenly!  I have not used it yet but I can't wait!!

 More pictures of the chocolates, sadly they are all gone!  I have asked Joann if the chocolate lady sells them on line!:) 
Then we have the seriously pretty lampwork beads!!!
Promise rings from Susan G Komen
The cutest pair of gloves!
A mysterious box!?!?!?!

A really great key ring!  I am always losing my keys too!!! Maybe this was a sign?  What do you think?
Joann also included a really cute ornament of pine with Merry Christmas on it.  There is a little bit better of a picture up at the top of this post.  It is in the back on the top right!

All in all I made out like a bandit and more important than all the goodies, I met a wonderful caring person who is kind and sweet!!!  You can never have enough really great and caring friends.  I am Truly Blessed!!!

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