Friday, February 22, 2013

I am having a Wonderful [read crazy] morning!!!  I woke up with a crappy headache,[nothing really odd about that, it happens almost every morning], and was hoping that the weather  people had been wrong about the nasty winter weather they were saying was on our way...No such luck!  My car was under 3in. of ice and snow, window all ice...LOL just so much fun at 5:30 in the am!  Now I know that 3in. is really no big deal but still...LOL
The roads are not their best right now so a 35-40 min. drive took over an hour!!!  The really bright side of this is that I got here just fine, I did not end up in a ditch like a couple other cars I saw this morning and the headache has backed off to a dull throb!!!  So it really is a GREAT DAY!!!
I know that some of my favorite people are having serious health issues right now.  They know who they are.  So right here I am going to ask for all of my friends and their friends and their friends and...[you get the idea] to Pray Without Ceasing for the comfort and healing of these wonderful people!  If you have friends that are in need as well just add them [names not needed] and they will go on my list and hopefully everybody's  list for prayers!!!  I have never met a more friendly and compassionate group of people in my life!!!
They have been there when I needed them in the last few months and now I need to be there for them!!!
Now, I really hope everybody has a wonderful [read WONDERFUL] and BLESSED day!!!

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