Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So About a week ago today, I was given a Wonderful opportunity to make a display of our jewelry at a really special hair salon named Cilantro Hair Spa!  They are in a very Nice area of a nearby city.
My Daughter Melody get her hair styled, cut, colored etc... there.
They do an Awesome job!!
 We use louvers for a lot of our displays and it worked out perfect
Some of the pieces were created for Cilantro especially and all of them were picked to work in this environment.  We get so excited when people like our designs and want to show and sell them for us!!!  This is what we want to do! This and internet sales and lots and lots of shows.
I tried to turn some of these upright and could not get it done. Blahh!!!

For those of you in this area, don't forget, Cilantro Hair Spa is really pretty close to Elkhart, Bremen, South Bend and it is in Mishawaka .
Hope you go there when you need anything done with your hair!!

 I am going back to beading so that I can get more pictures for here and my other pages.  Always remember you are all in my heart and in my prayers.  Love you all and GOD BLESS!!!!


  1. Very pretty display, jewelry creations, and picture of you! How fun to be in a Hair Spa! Congratulations to you!!!

  2. Hi Kate and Mike, I am so glad you like it!!! We are really happy with the whole set up and the people we get to work with! The picture is actually the owner of the Hair spa, Carol. She is so much fun to work with!!! Hope you will check out my blog frequently and comment often. Have a Blessed Week!