Thursday, February 14, 2013

I GOT MY SOUP, I GOT MY SOUP, I GOT MY SOUP...Did I tell you I got my SOUP!!!!  Can you tell that I am just a bit EXCITED??!!! LOL  I got home and could not wait to open my package  no scissors, nothing sharp can't open package ..oh honey... can you open thin for me??? [smile smile kiss kiss]  Thank you so much!
Pretty Pretty polka dot paper!!!  Love that!!!  Then... I... get... to... the...SOUP!!!  So many pretty stones, I just love crystals and sparklies, and I got lots of those!!  I got a wonderful Sand Dollar that Rana made and all the lovely colors of sand and sea and sunset [or sunrise]!!!
I will blog more on this later and I have lots of pictures.  Those will go on in the next couple!!
Have a Blessed day!

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